Elementor Frozen Screen

If you are at this page you have probably come here from one of the Elementor FB communities. Elementor is sensitive to a number of settings on your system.

** See if you can edit another page. If you can edit another page, then the freeze may be page specific. This is probably a result of an code issue you added. The other option is check the plugins you used and see if a page without that plugin is editable. If so deactivating the plugin may allow you access. 

There are 6  common issues to investigate when your Elementor loading freezes on the white screen.

  1. Under Elementor > Settings > Advanced switch editor loader method to “Enable”

2. Go to Elementor>System Info and check your PHP version. It should be 7.2 or higher. ( As of 12-20-2018) The version will change as new PHP versions are released. This can usually be  upgraded through your CPanel or calling your Host and asking them to update it..

Elementor Frozen while loading page

3. Go to Elementor >System Info and look for the  value in WordPress Environment Memory Limit. It should be 512m or more. Many people are now setting this to 512.  Elementor and it’s plugins take more memory so this is a common obstacle. You can change the Maximum Memory in the wp-config.php file. You can access this through an FTP program like filezilla or through your CPanel.

To increase the WordPress allowed memory size for your website:
  1. Open wp-config.php, which by default is located in the root WordPressdirectory.
  2. Find the following line near the end of the file: /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. …
  3. Just above that line, add the following line: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘512M’);

This video will walk you through the process to change the memory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmlGHje1V50

4. If you entered HTML or PHP code into a widget and the code has errors, this can also freeze the page the next time you go in to edit. You may have to edit in WP to remove the code. Or If you did short code insert, go to the short code and modify it there.

5. Check your Theme. Not all themes are compatible with Elementor. If your theme has a Pre-Load option in the Theme settings, disable the pre-load. This is often indicated by a spinning icon while Editor is trying to load. It is not the normal Blue Arrow loading icon.

6. Have you updated your WP. Elementor, theme or a plugin recently? If the above items don’t help, it may be a conflict with a plugin. Deactivate all your plugins except Elementor and see if this corrects your issue. If your issue is correted reactivate your plugins one at a time to identify the problem plug-in. 

Always do a backup prior to updating.  

Hope this helps..